Mining that benefits People and Nature

“People, nature and sustainable management are the order of the future. This is my lesson from 43 years of global work in industry and power generation. On this basis, the profit benefits everyone involved. I want to lead Chrom Kosova Schweiz AG to become an international model company that meets the highest standards. That's my motivation."
Andreas Pumilia, founder and President

We promote prosperity in Kosovo

Our mining areas extend over the entire Kosovo and sometimes go beyond the national border to Albania. This region is the raw material reserve number 1 in Europe. Trepca, Europe's largest lead, zinc and silver ore mine, closed in 1989 as a result of the war. Chrom Kosova Schweiz AG brings the huge raw material potential back to life under new, contemporary signs. We can predict a bright future for the region.

World's most advanced mining

Since 2005, Kosovo has had the world's most advanced system for mining rights licensing, organization, management and supervision of mining and mineral activities (ICMM). The private corporate sector determines economic development. The most important indicators qualify it as the main component of the economic recovery.