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Exciting facts about ferro-nickel
Nickel is found in its pure form only in iron meteorites and in the earth's core. In low concentrations it is quite common. However, to be able to mine nickel economically, the ore-nickel content must be at least 0.5%. In the mining area of Chrom Kosova, the concentration is several times higher. A frequent companion of nickel is also cobalt.

Proven ore deposits in the billions

Tens of millions of MT of ferro-nickel ore deposits in Kosovo have been explored and geologically documented. Some of these mineral resources are already being mined today. Huge reserves of various chromite deposits of the highest category are available to Chrom Kosova Schweiz AG for mining and recycling. Its value is in the billions of dollars.

Economic importance:

Nickel is required as a metal in small quantities, with the main part of production being used for the manufacture of nickel alloys.
Because of its chemical resistance, nickel is used for equipment in chemical laboratories and in the chemical industry. Nickel is an important alloying metal that is mainly used in steel finishing. It makes steel resistant to corrosion and increases its hardness, sturdiness and ductility.

Circumstances that pay off

Thanks to several factors, Chrom Kosova has production relationships with a respectable margin. The company balances price fluctuations on the market much better than comparable groups. Of course, we keep the main reasons for that to ourselves! But here is a small insight.
Low-cost structure thanks to alluvial open pit mining on all proven reserves of highly concentrated metallic mineral ores.
Easy access to the main traffic routes with connection to one of the largest ports in the Mediterranean.
Excellent geological exploration in accordance with leading industry standards.