Partners become friends and vice versa

The goals of Chrom Kosova Schweiz AG
• The No. 1 will be for chrome and ferro-nickel
• Achieve the GDP of Kosovo in 7 years
• Introduction of apprenticeship training according to the Swiss model and the highest possible quality standard according to ASME

Where cracks find themselves

We found ourselves as a team: through our international activities and experiences. In this way, we unite top experts in the field of mining and raw material extraction on our board and in the management. They give Chrom Kosova Schweiz AG access to the world's best network specialists in the fields of metallurgy, analysis, shipping, and buyers.


Andreas Pumilia / CEO
– Founder and owner of Pumilia AG, industrial services, global activities in the energy field
– Delegate of the board
– 1998 – 2002 Studies in intellectual sciences, Institute for higher sciences, Dornach BL

Bashkim Podrimja / CTO
– Owner and founder of Chrome Kosova SH.P.K.
– Chief technical & Liaison Officer

Matthias Zbären / CFO
– 36 years experience in FX trading, risk management, compliance and project management, CFO
– 3 times winner as a member of the world best FX spot team UBS by Euro Money 1992-1994, No. 1 Sales (worldwide) in EBS/Citi Bank in 1997, BPL of a CS core banking application generating CHF 17 bn profit over 16 years

Eddie Egloff / Consultant
– Co-Founder of Marc Rich AG (now Glencore) 48 years experience in sales, advisory board

Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Hashi Kepuska
Former CEO of Trepca Mining Mitrovice, Devo Mining Gjakova, advisory board, consultant

Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Milushi
Head of the Department of Geology, Institute of Geosciences, Polytechnic University of Tirana, Albania

Shemsi Mustafa
– Prof.Dr. sc Subject of Fundamentals of Earthquake Engineering
Faculty of Architecture and Spatial Planning
University for Business and Technology-UBT
– Head of the Seismological Network, Geological Survey of Kosovo
Ministry of Economic Development

Networked in partnership

The proximity to authorities and network partners is the driver of our success. To this end, Chrom Kosova Schweiz AG is in constant contact with the responsible regional, state and international authorities. The exchange with geologists and universities, with experts and network partners stimulates our efforts. This constant, personal and professional relationship fosters confidence in our investments.

Swissness on a friendly basis

Numerous state treaties are evidence of the close bilateral relations between Kosovo and Switzerland. On this friendly basis, the Swiss-Kosovo Chrom Kosova Schweiz AG is striving for a company with high Swiss qualities.
An apprenticeship system based on the Swiss model is to be integrated under Swiss leadership.

Our commitment is based on our values

• We keep our promises
• As doers, we make what we say come true
• Our Swissness is carried by:
- passionate action
- We are doers - not dazzlers
- Quality and responsibility
- Innovation
- Respect for the environment
- Cultivation of the social partnership