Consideration is our passion

Give and receive with heart and mind. What we take from nature, we give it back in a different form. On the one hand, we integrate the environmental and nature protection requirements. On the other hand, we take care of the surroundings of the mining areas and restore them to perfect condition once our activities have ended.
Andreas Pumilia, founder and President

Who Owns the Earth?

All of us. Their treasures should benefit as many people as possible in our society. Above all, however, the people themselves who live in the corresponding regions. This is our idea when we promote the great wealth of raw materials in Kosovo for industrial use. In doing so, we also want to achieve a good return, which we reinvest in the development and long-term expansion.

Conscious responsible action

Society measures our actions based on what we do and don't do. Every one of us on the board, in management, up to the craftsman, is aware of that. As people with heart and mind, we create a trusting working atmosphere with social skills and pay our employees a decent salary. We plan to set up an apprenticeship system like in Switzerland. We see to it that the livelihoods and health of the population are protected. This is the quality standard that we place on our work, which goes beyond the technical requirements.